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Aye Nako - Silver Haze<br>Vinyl LP

Don Giovanni Records

Aye Nako - Silver Haze
Vinyl LP


Formed in 2010, Aye Nako is a queer punk band comprised of four weirdos that write disorienting, but highly melodic punk songs while carving out a space to co-exist in the fold between art, music, and politics. They’re a punk band, but not necessarily of the power-chord-playing variety. The songs on Silver Haze are dense and detailed, formed from a private language of interlocking melodies and rhythms.

Track Listing:
01. We're Different Now
02. Sissy
03. Half Dome
04. Nightcrawler
05. Muck
06. The Gift of Hell
07. Particle Mace
08. Arrow Island
09. Spare Me
10. Nothin Nice
11. Tourmaline
12. Maybe She's Bored with It

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