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Brutus - Burst<br>Vinyl LP


Brutus - Burst
Vinyl LP


Hailing from Leuven, Belgium, Brutus create a pummelling, meteor-shower of sound. Singing drummer Stefanie Mannaerts mixes black-metal blast beats with math-rock flourishes whilst belting the most impassioned vocals, shifting from deceptively melodic to out-right larynx-punishing in the blink of an eye, whilst guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden takes ethereal post-rock tones to hardcore punk levels of speed and energy aside Peter Mulders’ powerful sub-frequency shift. The three collide to make a sound as monolithic and frantic as it is emotive. 

1. March
2. All Along
3. Not Caring
4. Justice De Julia II
5. Drive
6. Bird
7. Crack / Waste
8. Looking for Love on Devils Mountain
9. Horde II
10. Baby Seal
11. Child


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