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Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror)<br>Vinyl LP [RSD18]


Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror)
Vinyl LP [RSD18]


Record Store Day 2018 

Limited to 1500 copies for the UK and Ireland.

Recorded at nineteen years old on a cheap laptop, you’ll hear what Brian Eno fondly calls “the sound of failure” - thrilling, extraordinary, and singularly compelling failure. Will’s first love, rendered in the vivid teenage viscera of stolen gin, bruised shins, and weird sex, was an event documented like a snapshot in time. ‘Twin Fantasy’ is deeply, truly adored.

Track List 
1. My Boy (Twin Fantasy)
2. Beach Life-in-death
3. Stop Smoking S~
4. Sober To Death
5.Nervous Young Inhumans
6. Bodys
7. Cute Thing
8. High To Death
9. Famous Prophets (Minds)
10. Twin Fantasy (Those Boys)

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