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Emperor X - Oversleepers International<br>Vinyl LP

Tiny Engines

Emperor X - Oversleepers International
Vinyl LP

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Chad Matheny, who Alternative Press described as "a spastic, legally blind, nomadic songwriter whose performances transform venues/living rooms/arts spaces into punk rock micro-raves," has been releasing music under the Emperor X moniker since 1998. His recordings and live shows fuse the punk songwriter tradition of Billy Bragg with the experimental tape loop minimalism of William Basinski, and reveal incurable obsessions with transportation infrastructure, modernist literature, and lo-fi Chicago house tracks.

Track Listing:

  1. Wasted on the Senate Floor
  2. Schopenhauer in Berlin
  3. €30,000
  4. Brown Recluse
  5. Tanline Debris
  6. Warmth Perimeter (feat. Stephen Steinbrink)
  7. Oversleepers International
  8. God Save Coastal Dorset
  9. Low Orbit Ion Cannon
  10. Riot for Descendant Command
  11. 5-Hour Energy, Poland, 2017

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